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Our company recognized a gap in the level of personal interaction between accounting professionals and their clients, even on an annual basis. We sought to address this by prioritizing client understanding of the value of their company, recognizing that while timely reports are important, they are not useful to business owners if they do not understand what they mean for their company. Our services aim to provide comprehensive understanding of financial data, as well as an analysis of the entire picture of a client’s company and industry.

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Do you frequently ask yourself, “Did Project A get completed on budget?” or “Did I pay that contractor?” Two words, Cost Accounting. If you aren’t doing project cost accounting in this industry you need to start RIGHT NOW.

You need to know which expenses were for which project and if you finished on budget. You also need to make sure you are paying your employees/contractors accurately. Let us take care of the structure in your books so that you can take care of the structure in your projects.

we aren't afraid of trying new things

Service Industries

We have assisted many businesses in the Service industry; ranging from Cleaning Services to Marketing Services. Sales tax can sometimes be confusing for owners in these industries as far as when to charge their customers and when they’re required to file their Sales & Use tax. We help with more than just taxes, but with their CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and their Payroll.

we aren't afraid of trying new things

Food & Beverage

This industry has been the backbone for so long and yet we feel it is also the least assisted when it comes to guidance. With all the changes COVID-19 brought with it, these companies have struggled the most. We personally love eating out and having drinks with friends so we miss the frequency in this industry. We’re happy to help brainstorm new pivots to your business on top of helping with your financials and payroll.

we aren't afraid of trying new things


We have helped various industries, but our passion is in helping the industries we feel need guidance the most. Cultivators have so much potential and yet they tend to get the least guidance. We believe in a healthier life and in order to help make that happen we help various businesses in the Cannabis/CBD industry so they can help others. We assist with compliance, flower calendars, proper accounting for 480E/471, being audit ready on a monthly basis, and so much more.

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